Speaking exclusively to HRO’s Tracy Chan, Professor Christy M.K. Cheung of Hong Kong Baptist University, shares insights on the effective implementation of flexible work arrangements (FWAs).

Professor Christy Cheung sees the key behind Singapore’s guidelines is the understanding that both employees and employers can benefit from properly implemented FWA policies. Therefore, employers all over the world, including Hong Kong, can find valuable insights in these new guidelines, particularly in recognising the need for resource customisation.

With the aim of building up an effective and harmonious workplace culture, employers can maintain a regular evaluation of their capability of building and investing in FWA implementation,” suggests Professor Cheung.

Resources and educational training to build capabilities on FWAs should be allocated and modified based on different sectors and the nature of work. The evaluation process can be a reviewing tool that allows employers to identify areas for improvement and productivity.”

Source link: https://www.humanresourcesonline.net/what-hong-kong-employers-can-reflect-on-singapore-s-new-guidelines-on-flexible-work-arrangements