RGC Senior Research Fellowship Scheme

Cybermobbing on Social Media: The Role of Technology in Formation, Prevention, and Intervention of Online Collective Deviant Behavior, RGC Senior Research Fellowship Scheme (2020/21)University Grant Council, HKSAR (Budget: HK$7.8 million)


On-Going Funded Research Projects

Principal Investigator
  • Understanding Users’ Deep Engagement and Deviant Behaviors in Metaverse through the Sociotechnical Perspective: A Mixed-Methods Research Approach, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)/Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme (JRS), (Budget: HK$985,205)
  • Preventing Online Harassment on Social Media through Reflective System Designs: A Self-Awareness Perspective, General Research Fund 2021-23, University Grant Council, HKSAR (Budget: HK$646,274)

Completed Research Projects

Principal Investigator
  • The Effectiveness of Big Data Breach Response Strategies in the Healthcare Industry: A Mixed Methods Approach, General Research Fund 2020-22, University Grant Council, HKSAR (Budget: HK$510,844)
  • m is for Maternal: A Two-Country Longitudinal Field Experiment of mHealth Apps for Better Maternal and Infant Health, General Research Fund 2019-22, University Grant Council, HKSAR (Budget: HK$746,900) 
  • 基于社交媒体的数字口碑传播与采纳研究, 国家自然科学基金项目, Electronic Word-of-Mouth Adoption and Diffusion in Online Social Networks, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 2019-21, Joint Research Fund for Overseas Chinese Scholars and Scholars in Hong Kong and Macao (Budget: RMB180,000) 
  • Coping with Envy on Social Networking Sites: User Strategies, Behaviors, and the Influence of Culture, Faculty Research Grant 2017-18, HKBU (Budget : HK$ 99,640)
  • An Empirical Examination of Bystanders’ Joining-In Behavior to Cyberbullying on Social Networking Sites: A Moral Disengagement Perspective, General Research Fund 2016-18University Grant Council, HKSAR (Budget: HK$ $404,656)
  • A Study of Online Disinhibition: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Relation to Aggressive Behaviors, Faculty Research Grant 2016-17, HKBU (Budget: HK$ 88,110)
  • Combating Online Abuse: What Drives People to Use Online Reporting Functions on Social Networking Sites, Faculty Research Grant 2015-16, HKBU (Budget: HK$ 84,184)
  • Transition from Urge to Excessive Use of Social Networking Sites: An Empirical Investigation, Faculty Research Grant 2015-16, HKBU (Budget: HK$ 83,742)
  • Do Actions Speak Louder Than Voices? The Signaling Role of Social Information Cues in Influencing Consumer Purchases Decisions, Faculty Research Grant 2013-14, HKBU (Budget: HK$76,789)
  • Examining Consumer Engagement Behaviors in Online Brand Communities: A Nonlinear Approach, Faculty Research Grant 2013-14, HKBU (Budget: HK$78,800)
  • The Dark Side of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMOGs): The Role of Deficient Self-Regulation in the Development of Problematic Use of MMOGs, Strategic Development Fund 2013-14, HKBU (Budget: HK$ 110,020)
  • Social Media Engagement: Investigating the Adoption of Social Media in Hong Kong Top Brands, Strategic Development Fund 2012-13, HKBU (Budget: HK$ 115,240)
  •  Consumer Participation in Facebook Brand Communities: A Social Influence Process, Faculty Research Grant 2011-12, HKBU (Budget: HK$99,300)
  • Consumer Engagement in Social Media: Instrument Development and Validation through Classical and Modern Approaches, Faculty Research Grant 2011-12, HKBU (Budget: HK$99,960)
  • Why Members Continue to Share Knowledge in Virtual Knowledge Communities: A Longitudinal Study, General Research Fund 2010-12, University Grant Council, HKSAR (Budget: HK$ 389,760)
  • The State of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Communication Research: A Review of the Literature and Future Research Directions, Faculty Research Grant 2010-11, HKBU (Budget: HK$36,088)
  • Understanding the Intention of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Behavior in Online Consumer-Opinion Platforms: The Batson’s Framework, Faculty Research Grant 2010-11, HKBU (Budget: HK$49,200)
  • The Power of “We”: Why People Use Web 2.0 Technologies to Collaborate, Faculty Research Grant 2009-10, HKBU (Budget: HK$58,220)
  • Knowledge Adoption: What Drives Students Adopt Knowledge in Wikipedia?, Faculty Research Grant 2009-10, HKBU (Budget: HK$49,900)
  • Negativity Bias: The Effects of Negative Online Consumer Reviews on Consumer Purchasing Decision, Faculty Research Grant 2008-10, HKBU (Budget: HK$96,577)