An HKBU delegation led by Professor Lyu Aiping, Vice-President (Research and Development) of the University visited the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) on January 30, 2024 (Tuesday). The delegation met with Dr Lan Yujie, Vice President of NSFC and others. Both parties communicated on the future support and cooperation on scientific, technological and innovative research aspects.

Dr Lan introduced the reforms of NSFC and reiterated the new funding initiatives in Hong Kong and Macau. He expressed there would be greater support for nurturing the scientific and technological talents in the universities in Hong Kong, including HKBU, and for further scientific and technological collaboration between mainland China and Hong Kong, to foster the establishment of the Greater Bay Area as an international hub for scientific and technological innovation.

Professor Lyu appreciated NSFC’s long support to HKBU and mentioned the more active participation of the University in scientific grant applications. Integrating Hong Kong’s uniqueness and HKBU’s disciplines of strength, he stated that the University strives to foster technological collaborations between mainland China and Hong Kong, conduct more international academic exchange activities, and foster Hong Kong as an international innovation and technology hub.

Other members of the HKBU delegation included Professor Zhong Bu, Dean of the School of CommunicationProfessor Christy Cheung, Director of the Research Office, Dr Cheung King-ho, Executive Associate Dean of HKBU Graduate SchoolProfessor Gao Meng from the Faculty of Social SciencesDr Zhang Lu from Faculty of Science, and Ms Jenny Li, Director of the University Engagement of the University Engagement Office. Others attending the meeting were Professor Yan Zhangcai, Deputy Director of the Department of Health Sciences of NSFC, and Mr Zhang Yongtao, Deputy Director General from the Bureau of International Cooperation cum Director of Office for the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs.

NSFC was established in 1986 and has been administered by the Ministry of Science and Technology since 2018. Its funding system focuses on research promotion, talent fostering and infrastructure construction for basic research.

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