Prof Christy CHEUNG, Professor in the Department of Management, Marketing and Information Systems of Hong Kong Baptist University, is ranked first in Hong Kong in the latest Association of Information Systems (AIS) Research Rankings. The rankings are based on the Association for Information Systems’ (AIS) List of High-quality Journals, accumulated from 2020 to 2022.

AIS is the premier association for information systems scholars and educators. The ranking service is a globally reputable indicator tracking publications in eight leading journals in the field of business information systems and digitisation, namely MIS Quarterly (MISQ), Information Systems Research (ISR), Journal of the AIS (JAIS), Journal of MIS (JMIS), European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), Information Systems Journal (ISJ), Journal of Strategic Information Systems (JSIS), and Journal of Information Technology (JIT). To learn more about the AIS Research Rankings, please visit its website.

Recently Prof Cheung has also been listed on the ranking of the Best Business and Management Scientists in China. Prof Cheung is ranked 13 nationwide and is the only scholar from HKBU that has been recognized in this ranking in which over 7,819 scientists from the discipline of Business and Management were examined. To learn more about the’ best scientists ranking, please visit its website.

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