Christy’s paper, Understanding massively multiplayer online role-playing game addiction: A hedonic management perspective, has been recently recognized as a top-cited paper in INFORMATION SYSTEMS JOURNAL. This paper investigates MMORPG addiction using a hedonic management perspective. The results show that both perceived positive mood enhancement and perceived negative mood reduction positively correlate with the extent of MMORPG addiction. Furthermore, achievement and immersion affordances are positively associated with the duality of hedonic effects, whereas social affordance is not.

This is a collaborative work with Dr. Zach Lee (Durham University) and Dr. Tommy Chan (Northumbria University). 

Lee, Z. W., Cheung, C. M., & Chan, T. K. (2021). Understanding Massively Multiplayer Online Role‐playing Game Addiction: A Hedonic Management Perspective. Information Systems Journal, 31(1), 33-61.