A research paper, “Inside out and outside in: How the COVID-19 pandemic affects self-disclosure on social media” co-authored by Prof. Christy Cheung, Professor in the Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, and her fellow researchers, has recently been selected to feature in “COVID Monologues”, a research-based theatre performance on COVID-19 research. The public premiere of this innovative presentation will be on 26 February 2021.

“COVID Monologues” was devised through a unique collaboration of public health researchers and theatre professionals. The monologues  are based on a systematic review of qualitative peer-reviewed literature on COVID-19 in the U.S. Research articles were categorised into broad topics, reviewed for themes and main messages and supplemented with quantitative research from top public health journals.

Prof. Cheung’s paper is featured in the “How to be a Carved Horse” research packet, aiming to communicate the impact of Social Media in the pandemic in a 10-minute monologue. The novel collaboration will help translate and disseminate scientific findings from academic research on COVID-19 to lay audiences and policymakers, further expanding the impacts of quality research.

All performances will be available on 5 March 2021 on https://www.covidmonologues.com/.

Full paper: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0268401220310331