DOTI Pre-ICIS Workshop 2017

The 2nd workshop on the Digitization of the Individual was held in Seoul, South Korea, in conjunction with ICIS 2017 and is scheduled for December 10 2017, 1:00 PM – 5:30 PM. To promote further impactful research on individuals, strong emphasis during the workshop was given to paper development discussions, among others, facilitated by discussants providing direct feedback. 

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Research Publication: User Engagement in a Gamified Information System in the Workplace: The Role of Aesthetic Experience

In recent years, many organisations have introduced game design elements (i.e. gamification) into Information Systems (IS) to engage employees. For example, employees receive rewards such as points, badges, and trophies when they reach milestones, join in challenges, set new goals, or win competitions in work-related activities. Despite widespread belief in the benefits of gamification, studies have shown the difficulty of sustaining user engagement because the effects of game elements are often short-lived. The game design elements often fail to attract users after a short-period of time. Many users reportedly discontinue their engagement within a few months after their initial system use. System designers and developers have been focusing on making the system fun and enjoyable to prolong the attractiveness. However, Dr. Cheung and her colleagues argued that a gamified IS should not only be fun and enjoyable but also provide users with a sense of meaning, self-expansion, and active discovery. They conducted a survey with 178 employees of a global consulting company and found that aesthetic experience plays a more critical role than flow experience in explaining employees’ continued use of a gamified IS. Tools or functions that support tracking performance, visualising expertise, and competing with others should be included in the design of gamified systems.


Suh, A., Cheung, M., Ahuja, M., & Wagner, C. (2017). Gamification in the Workplace: The Central Role of the Aesthetic Experience. Journal of Management Information Systems, 34(1), 268-305.

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Tommy Chan has successfully defended his PhD dissertation

Congratulations to Tommy Chan for a successful PhD thesis defense. Special thanks to the examination committees, Professor Chuan Hoo Tan (National University of Singapore), Professor Jason Thatcher (Clemson University), Dr. Vincent Chow (Hong Kong Baptist University), and Professor Aris Stouraitis (Hong Kong Baptist University). Tommy’s work has mainly focused on cyberbullying.  Congratulations to Tommy! Wish you all the best in your future career in the UK!

DOTI Pre-ICIS Workshop 2016

As our lives become immersed by powerful digital devices and services, questions of implications for individuals’ lives as well as their social interactions and structures arise. While particular scenarios (e.g. smart home, connected cars, social networks) have received partial attention in different fields, this workshop seeks to gather these fragmented views and bring together researchers interested in the impact of digitization on individuals.

The Workshop on the Digitization of the Individual took place at the Spencer Hotel, Columbia 1 & 2, Dublin, Ireland, on December 11 2016, 1:00 – 5:30 PM.

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