Christy M.K. Cheung

Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University

RGC Senior Research Fellow (研資局高級研究學者)

Director, Research Postgraduate Programme,
School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University

Editor-in-Chief, Internet Research

President, Association for the Information Systems
(AIS-Hong Kong Chapter)

News & Activities

研資局資助浸大學者 研「花生友」網絡欺凌

【明報專訊】「社交平台最初的交流好正面,後來開始變質,愈來愈多網上公審、激進言論等負面互動。」浸大工商管理學院財務與決策學系教授張美君自2014年開始研究網上欺凌現象,她指出負面網上互動為全球趨勢,近年更加嚴重化,出現有組織的惡意言論攻擊(coordinated trolling)。張認為,問題主因或與社交平台設計相關,她近日獲研究資助局選為10名高級研究學者之一,獲780萬元資助進行為期5年研究,向社交平台提供網路欺凌解決方案。 明報記者 林穎茵 More information:

ISJ Special Issue has been Published – The Digitization of the Individual

Our Information Systems Journal (ISJ) special issue – The Digitization of the Individual has been published. Thanks the authors for contributing their excellent works to our special issue: De Moya, J. F., & Pallud Jessie, From panopticon to heautopticon: A new form of surveillance introduced by quantified‐self practices. Obi Ogbanufe, & Natalie Gerhart, N. The mediating influence …

Prof. Christy Cheung named RGC Senior Research Fellow with HK$7.8m funding

Prof. Christy Cheung, Professor of the Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, has been conferred  the title “RGC Senior Research Fellow” in the inaugural Research Grants Council (RGC) Senior Research Fellow Scheme (SRFS). HKBU will hence receive a fellowship grant of around HK$7.8 million over a period of 60 months. Prof. Cheung is an internationally-recognised …